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Experiencing shortness in breathing is called Asthma. Visit an asthma clinic to get yourself treated well for this disease.

During asthma attack, you couldn’t breathe properly and when you forcefully try to breathe, a wheezing sound is produced along with coughing. It is caused when the airways get swollen and narrowed. Some extra mucus is also produced by the airways which causes narrowing of your bronchial tubes. Asthma can progress from minor to major one, there is no permanent cure for this disease however, it can be controlled by medication. Below are mentioned the symptoms and causes of Asthma;

Symptoms of Asthma

The most common asthma symptoms include:

  1. Wheezing sounds while breathing.
  2. Coughing, chest tightness, pain and congestion.
  3. Severe breathlessness or rapid breathing.

Some of the asthma symptoms in children include:

  1. Feeling of itch at the neck or back just before an asthma attack.
  2. Sore throat, tiredness and drowsiness all day.
  3. Change in face color.
  4. Dark circles prominent under the eyes.

Causes of Asthma

The exact cause of asthma has still not been known however, there are some of the factors that trigger asthma;

1. Exposure to Allergens

Following are some of the factors to which many people are allergic to, for example; dust, chemical fumes, smoke, strong odor or other allergens. These allergens cause asthma attacks. You can seek help from asthma clinics to get yourself treated.

2. Allergies

Most of the time, asthma is caused by airborne substances such as dust mites, tree, weed or grass pollens, spores, animal dander or fungal mildew etc. Studies have shown that, the homes where cockroach dropping is in greater levels, the children of those homes have a risk of childhood asthma four times than the children in homes without cockroaches. In order to overcome these problems, visit a good allergy clinic.

3. Some Other Infections

Apart from allergies, asthma can also be caused if you have cold or flu. In most of the children as well as adults, asthma is triggered by cold or flu. the trigger factor of this cause is the same virus that causes cold. Moreover, if you are suffering from asthma, you will be sensitive to cold. See a doctor at an allergy clinic to prevent yourself from the torture.

4. Pollution

Pollution plays some part in causing asthma. There are different types of pollution that triggers asthma, for example:

  1. Chemical fumes coming out into the air from industries causes air pollution which is inhaled by everyone and the asthma patients are severely affected by it.
  2. Cigarette smoke also comes under pollution. If you smoke while sitting with your family won’t only affect you but your family members negatively too.
  3. Strong odor and fumes in your clothes can trigger asthma attacks or if someone in your family has asthma, you strong odor can be a cause of attack for them as well.

You can get help from asthma clinics as they provide the best professional treatment for this disease.

5. Heavy Exercise or Sports Activity

Exercise induced asthma can be a barrier for those who love sports. During the starting 5-10 mins of your workout or sport, you will feel chest tightening but it will go away within 30-60 mins. However, you are then likely to experience an asthma attack after 6 to 10 hours later. In cold weather, asthma attacks during sports can be reduced a little.

6. Strong Emotions

Asthma attacks are usually triggered when you get strong emotions such as shouting in anger, laughing loud in excitement, stress, anxiety, crying etc.

7. Medication or Drugs

There are some drugs/medicines that are not good for you such as, beta-blocker tablets for controlling blood pressure or eye-drops for the patients of glaucoma causes asthma in adults. Some non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medication are also responsible for triggering asthma attacks.

8. Seasonal Asthma

Some people may experience asthma attacks occasionally depending on their work surroundings. If you work around dusty area, insecticides, plastic resins etc. then you can feel asthma. Some factors can lead you to develop asthma later in life.

Asthma is not that hard to identify, you just need to visit a good allergy and asthma clinic VA as they will provide you the best treatment which would definitely help you to control your disease.

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