Doctor testing a progress in recovery of his patient's elbow

The Elbow Surgery involves the inspection, diagnosis, and repair problems inside a joint. The elbow injury doctor makes small incisions or may be larger incisions for open surgery to have a better look at the joint problem and for its treatment.

The procedure results on less joint stiffness, less pain then before the treatment and shortens the recovery time so you can return to your favorite activities.

Typical Questions Related to Elbow Surgery

With the improvement and advancement in medical technology, elbow surgeries have made a diagnosis, treatment, and recovery much more comfortable and comfortable. However, even after that, there are certain risks and precautions associated with the procedure.

If you are suggested an elbow surgery, many questions arise in your mind regarding every step. You can consult and ask your elbow injury doctor at any point of treatment.

Here are a few related questions that you might want to know before your surgery;

What are the surgical options?

The surgical approaches are made after trying all the non-invasive methods, and your doctor proves all other techniques ineffective. There are certain cases (like in osteoarthritis) when the professionals suggest surgery as the ultimate remedy. Such incisions are mostly considered in case of severe illnesses like in case of osteoarthritis.

How long the whole procedure takes?

The time duration of the complete treatment depends on the treatment itself and the damage your elbow is going through. The type of surgery also varies the recovery procedure, and your health also contributes to all factors.

For instance, the elbow replacement surgery requires around two hours, but you need to stay in hospital under observation for up to four days or even more.

What are the risks and potential complications of the procedure?

If you are suggested an operation/ surgery by your doctor, keep in mind there are always some risks associated with the treatment. Most of the patients follow a pattern of various infections.


In elbow surgery, either you undergo minor incision or open surgery, even after all precautionary measures; some bacteria enter the bloodstream through various routes. Under normal conditions, your body acts to eliminate these infection-causing agents, but after surgery, your body immunity is weak. Thus, the result is the occurrence of infection.


Although uncommon, the occurrence of such complications can delay the full recovery process.

Treatment/Precautionary Measures:

Soon after the surgery, orthopedists recommend a course of preventive antibiotics for a specific duration. They help to prevent infections, speed up the recovery process and increase your body immunity to fight against foreign bodies.

Which implant has been chosen for the joint replacement?

To move of your joint easy and comfortable, your doctor may recommend surgery for replacing the joint. Especially if you are suffering from a severe injury or any disease like rheumatoid arthritis, there is no other option.

It involves the replacement of the original joint with an artificial joint composed of two implants. Plastic and a metal hinge join the implants together and attach to the bones in your arm. You can also ask your consultant or a rheumatologist for referrals and further details.

What will happen if you want to skip surgery?

When your joint is aching so badly, that you hardly move it to perform normal daily activities, then you better not skip the treatment. Specific procedures like the elbow replacement have other options as well. As recommended by your doctor, you might have the option of undergoing a physical therapy or nonsurgical interventions which includes medication.

However, if you have consistent pain issues along with aching of joints, joint stiffness, numbness and burning sensations, you should be considering an elbow replacement surgery.

What are the elbow damages that require elbow replacement?

Due to an illness or an injury, your elbow joint can be rendered ineffective. It can occur in the form of limited movement of the joint, damaged parts of bone, pain causing swollen parts or worn out regions.

The elbow replacement is suggested in case of unresponsive non-surgical treatment methods, rigidness of joint and consistent unbearable pain. In case of following reasons, your doctor ensures the surgical treatment.

  • Tumor
  • Badly broken bone
  • Stiffness
  • Badly damaged or torn tissues
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis

If you are interested or curious about further information, talk to your elbow injury doctor Woodbridge VA for details.

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