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Air conditioning systems are commonly used in all times of commercial properties that range from large malls to small shops. Apart from that, they are also used in many other public spaces and office buildings. However, due to their heavy usage, HVAC systems require routine check-ups and occasional maintenance/repair. In this regard, business owners often take help from HVAC repair services.

In order to meet all the diverse requirements, air conditioning systems tend to have both cooling and heating capacities. Moreover, they come with different layouts and various steps. However, all of the systems make use of an identical wall/ceiling mounted indoor units and the same basic technology.

Regardless of the category in which a particular HVAC system belongs to, you can find infinite configurations in every category.

Major types of commercial air conditioners

Regardless of the category in which a particular HVAC system belongs to, you can find infinite configurations in every category.

The split system air conditioners

Single split air conditioners are considered to be the most affordable of the lots and are quite suitable for smaller buildings. These air conditioners are used to cool individual rooms, as a result of which they are ideal for use in cafeterias, shops, and small offices.

Moreover, multiple single split systems can be used to serve multiple rooms and/or larger spaces. However, you will need extra space outdoor for every single unit (in case you plan to combine multiple split ACS). Nevertheless, this option would be much cheaper as compared to a central system. Moreover, every system stays self-contained. This means that if one system stops working, the other will continue to work while you get the first one fixed.

Due to their sheer versatility, they are very popular among small business owners.

The multi-split air conditioning systems

Multi-split air conditioning systems are quite similar to the spilled air conditioners. However, they often have a single outdoor unit with connections to many different indoor units. Depending on the model of the AC, it may allow you to connect up to 9 separate units to a single outdoor unit. They are hence used very frequently in offices with multiple rooms, restaurants, and shops.

In case you do not have enough space outside, a single outdoor unit is much preferable. In this regard, the multi-split air conditioning systems have a solid advantage over the split air conditioners.

At the same time, you are not just limited to a single type of unit indoors. Rather, you can create a combination of a ceiling-mounted a wall-mounted AC units along with an air curtain.

It is important to note that multi-split air conditioners can be quite complex and will require a greater level of pipework. Nevertheless, the best solution would depend on your building’s layout and your requirements.

VRF/VRV air conditioners

Where VRV refers to variable refrigerant volume, VRF means variable refrigerant flow. While it may be very confusing for you, both of these means literally the one same thing. The only difference is that VRV is a patented technology whereas everyone else refers to the same technology as VRF.

VRF/VRV systems are best suited for medium-large buildings that include large offices, mix-use buildings, hotels, and retail spaces.

Are these HVAC systems expensive?

VRF/VRV systems are quite expensive but are extremely reliable, easy to control, and very efficient. They are designed to cover large buildings and are versatile enough to cater to both cooling and heating requirements. Moreover, installation times of these ACs are significantly lower which minimizes the disruption caused during the setup.

However, they require proper regular inspection in order to avoid heavy repair/maintenance costs in the future. Your local HVAC Contractors Chantilly shall be able to help you in keeping your VRF or VRV HVAC system in the best shape!

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