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Knee pain…It hurts! Knee doctors will tell you that some common problems related to knee include inflammation, cartilage or ligament damage, weakening of muscles and other problems related to structure caused by high intensity training without proper warm up. Issues that are related to inflammation, can be solved by physical therapy, it is highly unlikely that someone would require surgery. However, those who have issues related to structure might need surgery such as arthroscopic to repair the damage.

People often ask as to what is the difference between inflammation and structure issues. Those who are suffering from inflammation are not able to extend their legs without pain, whereas people, who have structural issues, are not able to get in to positions such as squatting or bend their knees at 90-degree angle.

Since it can happen to people belonging to every age group, let us share some tips as to how knee pain can be avoided.

Do Not Skip Exercise

The first tip is to not skip exercise even if you have structural issues. There are plenty of muscle building and strength exercises out there that will develop your hamstrings and quadriceps to help you tolerate and deal with arthritis and problems related to structure.

The key is that you are aware of your limits. Being active helps you control weight and build muscle, both of which help keep your knees healthy and active.

The best exercises recommended for people with structure issues include swimming, aerobic exercises and elliptical machine training etc. while you are doing that, it is also suggested to avoid any such activities that might put pressure on your knees.

Active? No, Stretching? Yes

Most people often ignore and neglect the importance and significance of stretching. Stretching is supposed to loosen up your hamstring and quadriceps muscles so that the pressure otherwise on knees can be taken off. While people, as already mentioned, tend to overlook that, specialists are off the opinion that people who stretch regularly develop flexible bodies that are less likely to have problems related to knees, shoulders or elbow due to overuse.

Some well-known stretching exercise include hamstring curls and step-ups etc. Similarly, exercises that develop flexibility in the hips include butterfly stretch, so on and so forth. Specialists suggest that if you do not like stretching out before working out, you can try walking for 10 to 15 minutes to loosen up your muscles a little bit.

Lose Weight

Knees are probably the only part of the human body that bear a major portion of weight. You have to consider and understand the fact that your weight plays a major role when it comes to knees. Carrying something heavy on your back for a while, will have a significant impact on your knees.

Since you are carrying around something considerably heavy, it will take extra effort to walk, which you will be putting on your knees among other parts to maintain your pace and carry the weight. Therefore, do not let weight become the reason behind your knee pain. Lose weight before it worsens the situation.

Wearing Proper Shoes

Now this is the one thing that 8 out of 10 people always overlook especially while exercising and jogging etc. People have almost no idea about how wearing proper shoes can help your knees cope with pressure. Therefore, there is no doubt that wearing heels has become a common reason of knee pain. Before you start with rigorous training exercises, it is better to get appropriate shoes made for specifically the purpose, and keep stilettos for special occasions.

Summing up, knee pains can totally be avoided if you seriously consider the above mentioned tips. Knee specialists Woodbridge share the exact same suggestions with their patients when they initially complain about knee problems. The reason behind knee pains can simply be childish such as ignorance. If ignorance prevails, you are looking at a lifetime worth of pain you do not want to get up to every morning.

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