A roof replacement costs a hefty amount, so you should look for ways by which you can extend the life of your roof. Keep roof repair and maintenance your priority and follow the below tips.

Clean Gutters Regularly

Gutters are your roof’s best friend because they give water a way to exit the roof and the house during rain or after a snowfall when the snow melts. Gutters require your attention because leaves and other debris can block the gutters.

Once the gutters are blocked, water doesn’t completely flow away from your roof and house. When water is trapped on the roof, shingles soak it up. This damages the roof, ceiling, and other parts of the house.

Moreover, during cleaning, you should also inspect the gutters and have them repaired or replaced if they are damaged, warped, or missing. A gutter that is warped in the wrong direction will block the flow of water off the roof. This will lead, again, to water damage.

Avoid Power-Washing The Roof Shingles

Shingles have a top coating that increases their resistance against water and other elements. Asphalt shingles have tiny granules that protect the shingles and make them durable. If you power-wash the shingles, the top coating of the shingles will slowly wear off leaving the shingles prone to moisture and damage. Therefore, avoid using a power washer for cleaning your roof.

If you want to keep the roof clean, use a broom or a leaf blower. Remove dirt and moss manually to avoid damage to the shingle. Some shingles are sensitive to impact and if someone walks on them, they can get damaged.

However, the restriction on pressure-washing should not discourage you from cleaning the roof because a clean roof won’t have problems like debris buildup and moss growth which slowly damage the roof. If you want to extend the life of your roof, have it cleaned by a professional. You should consider roof cleaning once or twice a year.

Fix Cracked Or Damaged Shingles

Shingles can crack or get damaged due to many reasons like age, storms, impact, and others. When a shingle is cracked, it will allow moisture into the roof. Water can cause various problems like causing stains, leakage, mold, and structural problems.

So, as soon as you notice a cracked shingle, you should replace it. Replace shingles can be an easy project for some homeowners, however, it’s suggested to allow roof contractors to replace shingles. This will ensure the proper installation of the new shingles.

Inspect The Roof After Storms

Storms can damage roofs in many ways, so an inspection should be carried out if your area receives a storm. The inspection will show you if the storm damaged your roof and what kind of damage occurred so you can take the necessary steps to fix it.

It’s better to hire roofers Akron for an inspection after a storm, but you can do it yourself as well. Walk on the roof and look for broken, damaged, or missing tiles. Plus, check the roof for pooling or debris buildup as well. Remove the debris and determine if it damaged the shingles beneath it. Then, check the gutter for damage and for blockages.

Trim Nearby Trees

Trees have many benefits for the environment and for homeowners. However, a tree too close to your house can cause damage to your roof. Leaves from the tree will fall on the roof and block the gutters. During rain, it will restrict the flow of water out of the roof.

Moreover, tree branches can fall damaging the shingles. Due to winds and hailstorms, a lot of contact between the tree branches with any part of the roof can deteriorate the top coating of the shingles. It can make the shingles prone to damage.

Certain tree types can cause more damage like palm trees and pine trees. However, don’t assume that if the tree near your roof is not any of the above types is safe for your roof. In fact, pruning trees near your roof is a part of roof maintenance that I usually ignored because trimming a tree doesn’t appear to be related to roof maintenance.

Ensure Proper Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation impacts the lifespan of your roof. Poor attic ventilation will create problems that are not easy to detect before it’s too late. For example: if your attic ventilation is poor, heat will build up in the attic and heat up the roof as well. In this process, the adhesive that bonds the decking will deteriorate and the roof shingles will curl or crack.

Attic ventilation plays its part in winter as well. Due to poor ventilation, condensation will be caused that will swell the decking.

Attic ventilation assessment should be done by a roofer. So, if you notice that the upper floor of your house is warmer in summer, you should consider an inspection. Better attic ventilation can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system as well.

Fix Roof Problems Quickly

Problems can arise with roofs. Some problems are noticeable but homeowners ignore them. This leads to a small problem turning into a bigger one. For instance, if you notice damaged shingles and don’t consider a repair, the water will keep entering the roof through the damaged shingles. This can cause damage to the underlayment of the roof and decking. Moreover, moss growth due to moisture can also cause significant damage. So, as soon as you notice an issue with the roof, you should have it repaired.

Yearly Roof Inspections

Fixing roof issues quickly can save you from big problems later. But what if the roof problems are not obvious? The roof may be heating up in the summer due to poor attic ventilation, but as the signs for this problem are not apparent, it may not get any attention. This will lead to damage and the homeowner will know about the problem when significant damage will be caused.

To avoid this situation, you should let an expert inspect your roof at least once a year. An expert will inspect the roof for various problems like bubbling, blistering, water damage, damaged shingles, and many hidden problems that homeowners can’t detect. After the inspection, they will suggest repairs that you should perform. This will ensure your roof lasts longer.

Avoid Ice Dams

Ice dams are melted snow freezing again on your roof. Moisture from ice dams deteriorates the roof and damages it.

Ice dams can form due to poor insulation in the attic. You can check insulation levels by looking across the attic. When insulation seems lower than the attic floor joists, more insulation is required. If the joists are not visible due to the insulation, there is enough insulation. Moreover, make sure the insulation is evenly distributed. There should not be low spots in the insulation.

Another cause of ice dams is snow on the roof. So, you should not let snow buildup on your roof and clear as much as you can. Make sure to clear snow about 4 feet around the gutters to avoid ice dams.


Follow the above-mentioned tips to extend the life of your roof. Don’t forget to schedule yearly inspections by roofing companies Twinsburg for maintaining the roof and detecting issues before they become bigger problems.

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