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Some people are not happy with the way their eyes look. Some of us tend to have tiny-teeny eyelashes, and they feel the need of making them look longer than their natural size. To satiate the need of such people, eyelash extensions are right there in the market and hair salons.

When you grab a pair of these extensions, you need to be especially considerate of a bunch of things.

Do’s of Eyelash Extensions

Here’s what you must do before and after having eyelash extensions done.

Do Know If You Actually Want It or Not

If you see many other people doing it, it does not mean that you should just jump the bandwagon without giving it enough thought. You are getting sort of an eye-job done, and you should be fully aware how much you want it. If you have a heart drooling over them, only then you should lose your money to get yourself an eyelash extension.

Do A Little Calculation If It’s Gonna Bode Well With Your Other Facial Features

Everyone is born with distinct facial features and lengthy eyelashes do not suit every man jack. It would be a big disappointment if your eyelashes turn out to be a misfit. For this sake, you need to thoroughly inspect your facial features other than your eyes, you gotta figure out whether they would match well with the lengthy eyelashes or not. If you find out it’s not your thing, just drop the idea honestly.

Do Remember to Buy an Oil Free Make-Up Remover Ahead of Time

Note to yourself, you need to steer clear of oil. Oil is extremely dangerous for your eyelash extensions and you need to keep them away from oil at any cost, because oil tends to destroy them.

If you have an overwhelmingly oily skin, you need to keep the surface under your eyes completely dry and oil-free because that’s where these lashes are going to rest when blinking or closed.

Do Keep Hydrating Your Lashes

Buy yourself an eyelash serum which has the potential to keep them hydrated. If your eyelash extensions begin to dehydrate, they can start getting dislocated, so you gotta be good with aftercare measures!

Do Comb Your Eyelash Extensions

Since they are lengthier than usual, there’s no harm in brushing extensions once a while just like hair extensions. It will in fact help them remain untangled and perfectly straight. Do yourself a favor by buying a miniscule brush specifically for your lashes.

They are pieces of hair that can get frizzy and rough, so you are recommended to brush them as often as you can.

Don’ts for Eyelash Extensions

This is what you should particularly avoid for the sake of your eyelash extensions:

Don’t Apply Mascara on Your Eyelash Extensions

You are forbidden to use mascara for your eyelashes. Allowing yourself to use it can totally ruin things for you. Mascara is meant to curl your lashes and these extensions are not meant to be given a different shape — whether curly or otherwise. Your eyelash extensions won’t be too receptive to mascara.

Don’t Pull or Pluck Your Eyelash Extensions

It would be really naive of someone to try and pluck or pull their eyelashes but it can happen if you are obsessing over them. So, be careful, you might be losing most of them in an attempt to satiate your obsession for them.

Don’t Prefer Gym the Day You Get Your Eyelash Extensions Done

Gym makes you sweat and you have to stay away from sweat and other similar stuff for at least a decent while. Avoid going to gym the day you get eyelash extensions done because if sweat dripping from your forehead falls on your eyelash extensions, they can be disintegrated then and there.

Don’t Let Your Lashes Be in Contact With Water for The First 24 Hours

If you want to wash your face, prefer to wear glasses or some other protective material to stop the water crossing your eyelash extensions. If you can delay contact with water for a minimal time period of 24 hours, it is best for you.

Conclusively, don’t let the dabblers spoil eyelash extensions for you. Do a bit of research in advance and book an appointment with a reliable eyelash extension salon.

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