Doctor supervising the recovery of his patient after knee surgery

If you end up getting mild to moderate knee pain due to any reason, it is often treatable at home. Pain in knee due to any minor injury or slight inflammation can be treated at home without the need of a knee specialist. This can help you resolve your pain within a comfortable environment and manage symptoms. However, in severe cases we suggest you to see a doctor.

However, if the pain is not mild, or if any symptoms start to show up such as fever, infection, severe bruise or deformation, you may need medical assistance. Do not try to solve severe knee problems at home without seeking medical attention.

How to deal with mild knee pain?

The following tips will help you relieve mild knee pain naturally at home.


Exercising regularly has countless benefits. One of these benefits is that it will make your muscles stronger and your body more flexible to movement. This helps a lot in knee pain treatment in a natural way. While you may think about resting your leg to avoid any kind of pain, it will also end up stiffening your joint and making your recovery process slower. Try finding any exercise that is less strenuous so that you can enjoy it without feeling too much pain and also keep your body in a healthy shape.

Such exercises may include walking, cycling, yoga or swimming. It will be even better if you do these with a friend or a partner so that you can focus less on your pain and more on having a fun time.

However, if your knee pain is due to an injury, or if your pain is too severe and any kind of symptoms start to show up, you may need to avoid exercise and seek medical attention.

Use heat pads and ice pads

Heat pads and ice pads often help a lot in pain relief. Heat pads will help reduce your pain to a great extent, while ice packs will help avoid inflammation. Try applying heat pads and ice packs alternately. If the knee pain is due to an injury, apply ice packs for the first two days to prevent inflammation. Apply them for up to 20 minutes around four to eight times in a day. Use them more often during the first day of injury. Do not apply ice directly to your skin.

In case of a heating pad, check first to see if it is too hot. Avoid keeping the temperature way too hot. Avoid heat therapy if your joint is warm during a flare. For stiff joints, a warm, relaxing shower will help ease them.

Do not forget to check in with your doctors first in case of a severe case of knee pain.

Herbal Ointments

Some herbals also help However, in severe cases we suggest you to see a doctor. , as investigated by researchers in a 2011 study.  Cinnamon, ginger, sesame oil and mastic all are great for pain relief. There is not enough evidence to claim that herbal ointments work every time or for every type of pain. However, some people do find them effective and prefer using herbal remedies to cure their pain.

It is best to ask your doctor about any such remedies before trying them out.

Bonus tip

Do not forget to seek medical attention if your pain is too severe or you notice swelling. If there is any deformity or you notice a severe bruise, you may need a treatment right away. In that case, go to a knee doctor McLean right away. Seeking medical attention is necessary before trying out any alternatives for pain relief.

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