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Stress is a most common issue in this competitive arena. Basically it is a mental disorder and no one is free from this disorder. We normally think stress has negative impact of our health but it’s really difficult to say stress is completely good or bad for the health. Sometimes stress can be considered as a positive force as it works as motivation to perform well in our roles. In other words, stress transforms anxiety to the motivation that create the power of performing better. But it can be negative if you experience stress for the longer period. Stress over a prolonged period can cause many chronic health issues.


Regular stress can cause many serious health issues so it is essential to get rid of this disorder. But firstly we need to know when this stress called as chronic.


When stress becomes chronic?

The moment when the stress brings difficulties to live normal life and one starts losing their abilities for the extended period of time, then this stage is called as a chronic stress. This stress is even more dangerous and one needs to get the medication as early as possible. If it can’t be treated early then it will create worst situations for both body and mind. Mind will not work effectively and body will feel fatigued all the time. You will not even concentrate properly and feel frustration for no reason. In short, prolonged stress can destroy you physically as well as mentally.

How to deal with chronic stress?

Researchers gave so many strategies to reduce the stress that include:

  • Firstly, identify the cause of stress. Once you identify the cause of stress then develop a plan to address it.
  • Relationships can be considered as a big source of stress but sometimes called as a stress buffer as well. Build strong relationship with your family and friends and share your feelings with them. They will help you to tackle the stress causing situations.
  • Try to take around seven to eight hours good sound sleep. It will help to rest your mind.
  • Yoga and many relaxations exercises will also help to reduce the level of stress and improve the immune system as well. There are many stress relieving yoga.

These are the simple ways to reduce the level of stress. Remember, a single small step can make a big difference in reducing the levels of stress. So try out these strategies, they will work for sure.


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