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If you want thick and luscious eyelashes in one go, then eyelash extensions are the best option to go for. They are very trendy right now and every good hair salon does eyelash extensions. But some people are afraid that extensions might strip off your natural lashes. Here’s some things you should know about that.

The Glue Can Be Irritating

If you are not familiar with eyelash extensions and how they are applied, then a glue or adhesive is used to stick on the extensions on your natural lash line. This is a natural way to make the extensions and real lashes blend in together. However, the glue which is used to put on these extensions can cause irritation on some people’s skin. This glue can be irritating and it is also a strong hold adhesive, which means that during removal, it can rip out some natural lashes too. This can be quite alarming for some people, but it is a natural process.

You would want to have the lashes removed very carefully if you want to salvage your natural lashes. Sometimes, a glue thinning agent is also applied to your lashes and this will help to dissolve the glue quickly and then the lashes are peeled off like a strip of tape, so it doesn’t do as much damage, but the dissolving agent can also cause your lashes to become weak, dry and brittle.

Lashes Need Love Too

If you are fan of getting extensions done very often, then your real lashes will have a field day with dryness. Your natural lashes need to be conditioned too, if you want to resume the use of eyelash extensions. This is why you need to hydrate them and take care of them.

Using castor oil every night on your lashes before you go to sleep will condition your lashes from the inside out. You can use a clean mascara spoolie and apply layers of castor oil or any other hydrating oil on your lashes, as you would a mascara. This will thicken your lashes and they will also look very healthy. Also, you can apply vitamin E oil to your lashes as well.

There are a lot of lash serums which can be used to hydrate, condition and grow your lashes, but vitamin E oil works just as great. Apply it in a similar manner as you would with castor oil. You will see a noticeable difference in 2 to 4 weeks. Make this a habit at night time and you will see that your lashes will be better. If you take care of your lashes, then they will be stronger and healthier.

Be Gentle With Them

With eyelash extensions and natural lashes, you need to be very careful when applying and removing makeup. You don’t want to tug on your lashes, otherwise they will pluck right off from your lash line. Try to use an oil-based makeup remover and leave it on for a couple of minutes for the makeup to melt away naturally. Then use a damp and soft cloth and remove the remnants of makeup with a gentle swipe and patting motion. Try to avoid dragging near the lash line and pat near this area. Also, try to stay away from mascara when you have eyelash extensions on.

Give Your Lashes A Break

Eyelash extensions are fun, but you can’t do them over and over again without taking a break. You need to go some months without having your eyelashes touched, otherwise it will only make your natural lashes more weak and brittle. You want to give your lash line a good break of about 2 to 3 months and recondition your natural lashes in that time. In this way, your lashes will be left feeling healthy and you will see good growth results after this too.


There you have it! Some of the rumors you hear about eyelash extensions being harmful for your natural eyelashes have been debunked, but they are still artificial so you need to look after them with a lot of care for your natural lashes to be safe and healthy. Take eyelash caring tips from your eyelash extension salon to avoid problems. hypno

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