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The kind of natural feel and thrill you experience on a beach and the appreciation you develop for the beauty of the world while tanning yourself under the sun is a unique feeling you cannot be a part of anywhere else. Cities on the coast line treasure their beaches like they do nothing else and most of the times these beaches turn out to be the main tourist attractions for visitors.

Having said that, where there is beauty there is competition here on Earth, so this list identifies the best beaches for you to visit anytime you feel like exploring the world!

  1. Bali, Indonesia

The beaches of Bali define a world of exuberance and aesthetic appeal that you can only find in a few other places on Earth. The legendary sunset, white sand, and the properly maintained infrastructure of the hotel resorts around the coast make it one of Indonesia’s primary tourist attractions. The Bali experience certainly holds the credentials for being qualified as the best beaching on Earth.

  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

This is not the most spacious coast in the world and can certainly not accommodate a large number of people at once, but this beach ranks so high particularly because of how close you feel to the sky while you are in water. Confused? It’s natural! The Amalfi Coast’s shoreline is neighbored by high cliffs and the breathtaking view can make you spellbound. One night in the Amalfi resorts can make you fall in love with life all over again.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is your ideal party coast! The Brazilian Capital is known for its active lifestyle, and the coastline is no different. With football, drinks and barbeque lighting up the place all day all year, this beach will make you feel like right now is the best time to be alive.

  1. Maui, United States of America

How can Hawaii not make it to a list about beaches? However, our pick may look a bit unorthodox because Oahu is always the people’s magnet in this part of town. This is exactly why Maui is a better place; you can avoid bustling crowds and noises and have a great time snorkeling like never before!

  1. Kauai, United States of America

This island offers a unique experience for seasonal hermits and the beaches are always full of action. The beaches are known to be incredible spots to relax and spend time with loved ones because of the heavenly view all around you.

  1. San Sebastian, Spain

This beach has one of the top surf spots in the world, which can be used to explain why the beach is packed with people all the time. The beach is located in the center of Basque Country and is naturally shaped like a sea-shell!

  1. Miami Beach, United States of America

One more for the American Dream! This is perhaps one of the most well-known commercial beaches of all times. Miami Beach is one of the most incredible junctions of different cultures all over the world and provides an unforgettable experience to locals and tourists alike.

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