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Quartz kitchen Countertops are gaining new heights in the kitchen countertop industry. Initially, granite countertops were the most in demand, but since the homeowner realized that quartz is one step ahead of granite since it is non-porous in nature, there has been an increase in the demand for quartz installers.

Know more about Quartz countertops

Quartz kitchen countertops are very hard and sturdy and nu to being non-porous, there are no chances of solvents and spills permeating the surface and thus do not require annual sealing.

Another advantage of quartz kitchen countertops is that it is an engineered material, thus can be created to imitate the look of any natural stone such as marble and granite. Below are the most popular quartz countertop colors as suggested by the quartz installers themselves.

Quartz countertop colors

1. Calacatta Quartz

One of the most elite colors of quartz. It imitates the look of the marble and is white or ivory in color with versatile light blue and grey veining in between. The pattern itself exudes luxury and white looks rich and sophisticated. It can make your kitchen countertop stand out. 

2. Black Glass Quartz

This is made of stone and glass and is the most luxurious of all colors. Have you ever seen the dark black night sky with little sparkling and glittering specks of the stars? Well you can now every day and night in your kitchen in the form of countertops. The little flecks of shiny white lass add a contemporary touch to your kitchen. It goes well with a brown or wooden theme or a completely white kitchen background.

3. Landscape quartz

If you want to implement the natural look of stone in your kitchen then this countertop is for you. This is a blend of different colored stones and crystals and many designs and patterns, which then forms unique patterns imitating the rugged landscape and stones in nature. It consists of many colors such as brown’s, greens, greys, whites, blues and ivory so it can blend well with both modern and contemporary cabinets and backgrounds.

4. Uba Tuba Quartz

This color is available in extremely expensive granite countertops which only the nobles can afford. But now you can in quartz as it is engineered to look exactly like this most popular granite color. It is mostly in olive or dark green color with some specks of black, white, blue and dull gold with a tight grainy pattern and slight veining. This color of quartz countertop portrays a true epitome of luxury.

5. Montclair Quartz

This type of quartz color resembles Calacatta quartz but in lighter tones. It mainly has colors of white. Grey and ivory with even more subtle veining and less patterns and design. It can go with any light and neutral tones and shades in your kitchen.

6. Calacatta Gold Quartz

This is an outstanding color and it resembles the Calacatta Quartz in shades of white and ivory for base but the veining is darker and more obvious with shades of black, copper, grey and shiny gold. The gold and black accentuates the countertop slab giving it a unique and contemporary look with a smooth finish.

7. Tarrazu Quartz

This is for those people who like earthy, mild and natural tones in their kitchens. This is a blend of quartz with a slight percentage of resins and natural sand. This gives a very vintage and rustic appearance and is available in tones of brown and sand colors. Those who like a homely and cozy atmosphere and a natural look can got for this color.

8. Carrara Grigio Quartz

If you love the carrara marble but not want to install due to maintenance issues, then you can go for this elegant piece of quartz slab which looks exactly like the carrara marble. This comes in bold blue and grey tones and looks great with cream and brown kitchen tones.

When looking at all the color options, it will be difficult for you to decide the perfect color for your kitchen countertops as all are extremely luxurious. You can select a theme for your kitchen and then see which one looks best. If you are still unsure then you can ask your quartz installer for the best option.

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