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A person who has ever bought anything online will be aware of what is meant by positive review generator and what is its importance?  You might understand what is meant by star ratings of a product you are going to buy or you might have also read some bad reviews about the user’s traumatic experience when he purchased the product under review. Though the feedbacks may vary in comprehensibility or in thoroughness, they often hold a great effect on the purchaser and in his decision making process. Therefore it has become the main habit of online business portals to do whatever they can do to get positive reviews through positive review generator so that they can flourish and become successful in the business they are doing.

How to get positive online reviews

There is no doubt that online reviews are significant, but how important they are in the marketing campaign of a product? Can they make sale or break it? Can the reviews have big impact on the growth or destruction of the company. This is the question for which we are going to find an answer now.

Buying decision

Online buyers who read the reviews and buy the products based on the reviews are increasing rapidly. According to the finding of a business survey conducted by   “Bright Local’ about 88 % of the customers buy products online based on the feedbacks they find in the respective sites  or review sties. The survey also points out that only 12 % of the online buyers do not read or do not bother about online reviews about the product.  This means that neglecting customer reviews is something like not giving importance to 88 % of the potential buyers of your products. Neglecting reviews is like depriving your potential buyers the information that they want to know about your product and the company

Benefits of on-site ranking

Providing customer reviews in your site can cause positive effect in building up ranking position in search engines.  For starters every new review about the product on the site helps to increase unique content about the product offered to your clients.  It automatically provides more relevance, higher authority and an increased chance to get the page ranked. They also to microformat the reviews and store them as “rich answers” for the queries of the users. Obviously this would help for the featuring of the review of the product above the normal search results, thereby giving you more visibility.

If a business is having good number of review on other websites then it can have bigger impact on your Google ranking as Google algorithm provides special privileges for third party reviews sites like Yelp. But these review sites instead of reviewing special products, review the entire site. Such reviews are having greater impact on Google’s search ranking.

Higher conversions

More reviews for the same product is a clear indication of higher conversion rate. Take note that it is not mentioned good reviews but mentioned only reviews. It is because even if they are bad reviews it can also have an effect on conversion rate.  Because good reviews and bad reviews coming in a blended manner shows that there is nothing to hide and that the reviews are genuine. Image the situation of finding all the reviews of a product in five star rating without any bad words or criticism. It will probably make the customer suspicious. If you have more reviews and if most of them are good, then, there is no doubt your business is going to improve tremendously, provided the bad reviews do not overweigh the good ones.

The bottom line:

As i have mentioned in the beginning that the online reviews have great effect on vast majority of people who do online shopping. They are also likely to improve your organic ranking.  As online ranking increases, more competitors try to increase their customer reviews and this will also give some push to the increase of your ranking.

Fortunately you need not have to do anything special for this like installing best review management software etc, but you have to begin a review function on the site microformatted for the web crawlers of Google. Everything will follow naturally.

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