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Getting your hair done is an improvement like getting a haircut, visiting the balayage hair salon or use balayage hair color at your home but what effect do these experiments have on the health of your hair.

Best hair care tips

Caring for your hair is very essential especially when you are trying different things like dying your hair or using balayage hair color. here are some things that ruins the health of your hair.

1. Excessive Use of Shampoo

Shampoo is very essential to the health and the color of your hair but using it daily can ruin your hair. As you may know your shampoo contains strong chemicals and high-octane detergents that can ruin your hair color. These chemicals make your hair vulnerable to water and also thins your hair which can result in hair loss. Harsh shampoos are very effective to your newly dyed hair and nullifies the money you spent at balayage hair salon. Wash your hair every other day or even three times a week. If they are oily use dry shampoo and use a color safe shampoo if you have dyed hair recently. One common mistake people make is they use shampoo just after the dye which is the perfect storm for your bleaching your color out.

2. Brushing Your Hair After Showering

Having your wet hair just after you just showered is very hazardous. Wet hair is heavy and prone to elasticity. Brushing them like that will stretch them out and may break them from the roots. The solution to this problem is that you untangle your hair before going to the shower and brushing them in a gentle and slow fashion. This will also help you to use any hair product you are looking to use with them not getting wedged into your hair and easily being washed away.

3. Excessive Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight is the enemy of our hair and even skin for that matter. Sunlight dehydrates the hair and makes them frizzy. Exposure to the sunlight can cause your hair to break. That’s why your hair feels frizzy and humid in summers. Spending less time in the sun especially midday in summers can be effective or if you want you can look for UV protection hair serum which is essentially a sunblock for hair.

4. Showering with Hot Water

Talking about heat, hot water is also a cause for having your hair ruined. Using cool water to wash your hair is very good for you. Hot water swells the cuticle of the hair from which that sweet balayage hair color can leak out. Adjust the thermostat to a cooler temperature while washing your hair if not your body.

5. Using Heat Products for Styling

Styling your hair is not bad if done occasionally. You can visit the balayage hair salon to have your hair highlighted or curl or straight your hair but doing it on a weekly basis is deadly. As already mentioned, heat is the enemy of your hair. Using styling products like hair straightening iron, hair curler, blow drying your damp hair are some of the few that can be deadly to your hair. If you find your hair frizzy, you can’t fight it by straightening your hair. It just your hair to have more breakages. Blow drying your hair on maximum heat is a no go. it can only be done when your hair are super wet after that gradually slow down the strength of the heat.

6. Using A Regular Towel to Dry Your Hair Manually

After showering you are not in a mood to blow dry your hair, so you wrap your hair in the towel because it is convenient; no messy hair in your face, your wet hair not dripping all over. As it turns out that wrapping your hair in a towel is the worst thing women can do to damage their hair. Your hair are weak when they are wet and even the strongest strands gets damaged if not broken. Use a microfiber towel because they are more delicate to your hair. Have them scrubbed not too aggressively and let them dry in natural air or a low heated blow fry.

Visiting a balayage hair salon rockville md for having your hair done is great but if you don’t care for your hair enough it will waste whatever you have paid for it.

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