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Clip hair extensions are extremely popular to stylize the hair. In fact, there is no better process available to update the hair styles almost instantly. Just a few minutes and get the right extension to transform your facial appearance into something more retro and unique. With these extensions, you can stylize your hair in any form possible. It could be medium length, short, long, lush, or even full. Most of the reputed hair salons feature hair extension beautification process.

Types of hair extensions

There are basically two types of hair extensions available: Real and Synthetic.

Which hair extension to purchase?

It is always recommended to opt for real hair extensions. These could be managed perfectly and possess absolutely real look. You can easily style them while enjoying a polished look. However, these are expensive in terms of pricing. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are difficult to manage. They also assure limited use, once or twice to the max. They could not be styled as per the preference. They come in fixed styles and have a low price tag associated with them.

Tips to put in the extension perfectly

Those having curly hair plan on each side, it is recommended to get the extension curled to match the situation. In case, you want to have a straightened effect, the natural hair need to be straightened before putting in the extension.

First Phase

It is essential to part the actual hair from back of the head from ear to ear. Remember to get this part done an inch from the bottom area of the skull. Then, pull the remaining hair to top of the head, just out of the way. Take a clip and attach it to a section of the hair being pinched at one of the sides. Repeat the same thing with other side. Also, include a third clip at the center. The first phase gets over.

Second Phase

Re-section the hair across the back of the head. Leave around a single inch strip of natural hair. This should hang over the clips. It is necessary to pin extra hair on top of head out of the way. This natural hair strip would partially obscure the clips. 3 more clips would be required for the section. You would end up having a clip above each of the ears and one in the back.

There are several other phases that take place in the hair salons rockville. But you must ensure that certified professionals to be considered for your hairs so that the styling process would be done in a best possible manner.

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