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Keratin treatment in salon is still a somewhat confusing topic for some. With the expected outcome together with the possible health risks, it is quite understandable why people are still left in the dark about this procedure. So, before you give it a go, here are some things you need to know about it.

Keratin is Not Always the Star of the Show

By far, keratin treatment could be a misnomer. The ingredients which really matter in permanently breaking the bonds of the hair, sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate, just happen to be difficult to pronounce. Others like formalin, methylene glycol, methanediol, and methanal release formaldehyde when mixed with water or heated.  The high heat of flatiron being used by the end of the procedure can accelerate the cross linking of the hair bonds. These treatments dictate the waiting period prior to washing your hair to allow cross links to completely set, even those with the strongest formaldehyde concentrations can allow an immediate washing.

Low dosages of formaldehyde are found in synthetic fabrics, household cleaners, tobacco smoke, smog, carpets, and plywood. Even though it can be corrosive, touching this is not the most hazardous part. It is inhaling it every single day which is associated with brain and nasal cancers, and even leukemia. So, if you will get a keratin treatment which uses formaldehyde, see to it that the area has proper ventilation.

Pick a Salon That Gives Respect to You

When you inquire with your stylist regarding the formaldehyde content in your treatment, she must be able to tell you the exact brand and name of the treatment, and it is ideal that she knows the formaldehyde amount. Again, there must be enough ventilation, whether it is from special vents or fans circulating air away from your mouth and eyes during the process.

Avoid Salt and Sulfates to Prolong the Treatment

Finally, when you get a Brazilian keratin treatment rockville, you have to remember that sulfates are considered the boogeyman in most hair care products. if you don’t want your treatment to get washed out too quickly, the first thing on your watch list should be sodium chloride or salt. Thus, it means that you cannot take a dip in the ocean or pool or keep it to a minimum. It will also be great if you can switch to a new shampoo.

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