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Many people wonder what Brazilian blowout is all about, especially women who want to consider this type of treatment. If you don’t know about this treatment, you might also think about how safe it is to your hair.

Women have been through great lengths just to stay in shape, achieve younger looking skin, and to look attractive and great. Treatment solutions and products that help you achieve this and more are heaven sent indeed. However, what if this poses health issues for you and would cause you more harm than good? Would it be worth looking pretty if you will end up helpless and sick?

It is your right to know some facts about involving Brazilian blowout. Sure it will give you frizz free, manageable, and smooth hair. It is also done in every salon and many women have already tried this treatment.

The Process of Brazilian Blowout

Basically, the process of this hair treatment involves washing hair and applying the keratin solution, chemical, substance or formula as it should be referred to. Then, it’ll be blow dried and your hair will flat-ironed to seal the chemicals using extreme heat. Your hair will be washed again and will be dried after.

What Does This Treatment Contains?

The serious and interesting part for many women who are concerned is what this treatment has. Well, it contains chemicals like formaldehyde. Some women have different reactions when Brazilian blowout was revealed to contain formaldehyde, yet does it have side effects. Well, there are others that claim that this chemical has bad side effects. For those who don’t know, formaldehyde is a chemical used in textile, wood products, dyes, and plastics.

Others who knew about this just dismiss that said fact and would still consider Brazilian blowout. However, if you are a bit hesitant about this hair treatment and you want to know more about it, why not consider asking around? Ask women who have tried this treatment and know about their experience. Ask as many as you want until you are satisfied with their answers. Reading some studies or surveys about Brazilian keratin treatment can be of great help. Just see to it that the information you have read are legit and are from real people. There are other websites that would just confuse you and would make your journey much tougher because of providing false truth or facts about the said treatment.

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