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Best Teeth Straightening Methods


Invisalign is a highly appreciated substitute of both traditional and clear braces. In this treatment, teeth are re-shaped through a set of aligners which are made with clear and soft plastic. The dentists change the aligners regularly until teeth come in proper shape. With clear aligners, you can achieve great outcome and it is almost impossible to notice that you are wearing them. Clear aligners are undetectable and can be removed easily. You can remove them during eating, brushing, flossing and other activities. So, it you want straight teeth but do not want a look of conventional braces, go for invisalign.

Dental veneers

It is recommended by orthodontists to those who have misaligned, worn, fractured and stained teeth. Basically, veneer is a thin layer of dental ceramic that is applied over the teeth to change the whole look. This treatment is frequently appreciated for offering quick and positive results. However, it is an expensive option and recommended to a few patients only.

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