FT LAUDERDALE, FL - OCTOBER 20: Residents stand in line to on the first day of early voting at the Lauderhill Mall October 20, 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Thousands of voters stood in line, some for hours, as Florida kicked -off the states early votiong polls. (Photo by Zach Boyden-Holmes/Getty Images)

The 2016 republican presidential polls are right around the corner and because of it; this automatically becomes the best time to take the election and results. The battle is quite gripped up at the top with Millionaire Donald Trump, and his contemporary Ben Carson are locking horns with each other to become the next—and hopefully the successful—presidential candidate for the Republicans.

Republican presidential polls

All of the republican caucus is busy these days with the upcoming elections, and with so much to do, why shouldn’t they be. Every single republican warhead is busy with the campaign run for his or her campaign work, and everyone is busy running advert campaigns against each other.

Of course, when we are talking about elections, we must also talk about odds and what the bookies think about the race. So, today, we are going to discuss about the odds and the trends in the recent times about few of the most important—and likely successful candidates—for the 2016 U.S Presidential Elections for the Republican Party.

Jeb Bush: the odds were in his favour

If you are the brother and the son of the former Presidents of the United States, everything can seem like a tall order for you. This mountain of pressure is what Jeb Bush is currently facing. The former Governor of Florida in the recent days has been a bit laid back; however the odds are still currently is his favor. Bush has a 3 by 1 odd to win the Republican race this year, but currently the odd meter is constant—which can mean ambivalent times for the leader.

Donald Trump: the vocal one

He has talked about every single U.S policy during his campaigns and debates —especially the foreign and immigration policies. This has done Trump some good, he is currently running with a 4 by 1 odd, and the current trends are indicating a raise in his stake.

Ben Carson: the silent horse

If someone had told you a year back that he might as well become the main candidate for the Republicans, you’d have laughed. But, with a 10 by 1 odd—which is gaining pace every second—he looks quite in the race. Even Marco Rubio with a 5 by 1 odd is facing the heat from Carson.

So, there are some of the reviews of the 2016 republican presidential odds, for the final results we will have to watch out the real race during the election time.

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