There are 2 main objectives of plantation shutters. One is for light glow and then the other one is for privacy. With shutters, you are capable of getting both, for sure, but there are ways there these works could be varied according to shutter style.

It is amazing to find out that there are lots of shutter styles that you could pick from to suit your flavor without needing to give up any of its functions. Is not it? Shutter styles are categorized into full height, tier-on-tier, and café style shutters. You will need to determine just how much privacy you would want and how much light you want to control to identify the perfect shutter style that will be best for you.

Let’s check out some of these shutter styles that may support you pick what is best for you.

Café style

This shutter style has shutters just at the bottom half of your window while the upper part remains open. Quite often, the peak part is packed with a glass and fashioned with draperies or curtains. This is the perfect place in which you don’t get a lot of light due to tress or other light barriers, and so you would like to get the highest light entering the home. By keeping the best segment open, highest light could be repainted and you will still maintain the highest privacy even just at the bottom part.


In the shutter style, lower and top half could be opened and closed separately. It is possible to leave the top or lower portion open or perhaps you could close the 2 or in any manner you want. With this style, you could have both benefits of the 2 previous styles. It is possible to open the upper area to be capable of permitting highest standard of light or maybe you can shut both the lower and upper parts to get utmost privacy.

Full height shutters

This can be a best for hundred percent level of privacy and since the shutters are installed from the peak to the foot of your window pane. Light could be controlled by simply replacing the angle of shutter panels.

You can have lots of mixture styles for your shutters based on your needs and what your company can provide. With these interior shutters, privacy, styles, light regulation, as well as aesthetic, can actually be gathered in one package.

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