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The brand name that defines style and luxury is Versace. It is an Italian company established in 1978 and since then Versace is the favorite name of young stars. The Versace Company includes Versace sport, Versace Jeans Couture, Versus Brand and Versace Collection. Versace sunglasses are a part of the Versace Collection. These sunglasses are the most up-to-dated fashion accessories which are available in many eyewear stores including the Prada Sunglasses Fairfax store.

Some facts about Versace sunglasses

Like the clothes collection of Versace, their sunglasses also retain the world famous Versace look and meet the highest standard. Many celebrities are seen wearing the latest creation. Numerous sunglass stores like the Prada Sunglasses Fairfax store offers a wide variety of Versace sunglasses to choose from numerous frames and lens choices. Color gradation technology is used by Versace to design a lens with a dark shade at the top and a lighter shade at the bottom. This unique system protects the eye when the sun is directly over the head. The sunglasses are not only known for their fancy appearances, but they use the most contemporary safety technology to make the sunglasses both fashionable and interoperable. To avoid eye damage while accidents they also use shatter proof and high quality plastic in the lenses. The sunglasses also come with adjustable frames.

Choosing a great pair of Versace sunglass

Before choosing a Versace sunglass one thing that you should consider is your sunglasses should be compatible with your outfit. However, it is advisable to buy a sunglass which will complement all sorts of outfit. For example a black Versace sunglass will go well with any outfit. It should be kept in mind before picking a Versace sunglass that most of them are neutral and darker in shade including black, tan and brown with the only exception being a transparent purple sunglass with blue or violet colored lenses. The price range of a Versace sunglass toggle is in between $150 – $350.

Taking care of your Versace sunglasses

All you need to do is follow a few simple rules to ensure safety and care of your sunglass.

• You should check your sunglass time and again to assure that the lenses do not show any signs of damage due to regular use. As some of the wholesale Versace sunglasses comes with one year warranty, so you can also replace it absolutely free of cost, if any scratch in the lenses is inspected during the one year span. If any hinge screw appears loose while inspecting then the nearest dealer should be contacted to fix it up.

Cleaning the lenses regularly is another important job that you need to do in order to ensure best performance of your sunglass. This cleaning process includes washing the glass with lukewarm water. If dirt and grit persist then a light lotion should be rubbed on the lenses and the frame to avoid skin oils from getting stuck on the frame. Lastly, you need to rub the lenses dry with a dirt free cotton cloth.

Versace sunglasses are all set to give you an all new fashion statement of your own. And a huge variety of these glasses in shops like Prada Sunglasses gives you the scope to choose from a huge stock, color and design. Versace is the ultimate name for modern outdoor eyewear.

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