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It is critical to figure out which handmade rugs are ideal for your space. It is crucial to know how a space will be utilized, how much traffic it will receive, and how much luxury you desire. The appearance, feel, lifespan, and upkeep of your rug are all determined by the material.

Area rugs of the highest quality

Here’s a list to help you choose the right rug material for your environment.


Cotton rugs may be what you are searching for with high durability if you are on a budget but want a nice feeling, fast to clean, and ethically created material. Because pure cotton is seldom found in carpets, it is generally blended with other materials to extend its life and color it.

Excellent for:

Cotton rugs may be utilized inside or outdoors, except in hot weather, baths, and poolside, patio areas.

Not recommended for:

However, keep in mind that these rugs will not withstand as much abuse as others and will soon accumulate dust, necessitating frequent vacuuming.

Rugs Made of Wool

Highland-resistant coherence wool is a fantastic choice if you prioritize an easy-to-clean home. Wool is inherently flame retardant, rust-proof, and odor-resistant, yet it nevertheless keeps color remarkably well over time, is highly durable, and can last longer than its polypropylene equivalent.

Excellent for:

The wool rug may be one of the best selections for your den, dining room, living room, or playroom’s smooth texture and long-term development.

Not recommended for:

However, owing of the higher pricing and sophisticated feel, they may not be ideal for your kitchen, outside, or baths without enough ventilation.


Finally, we have a rug material that is excellent in durability, inexpensive in cost, has a soft feel, is washable, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage!

Excellent for:

Their main feature is their water resistance. Overall, it is a fantastic choice for families with children or pets. It is a popular choice in nursing homes since wheelchairs may easily roll over low-pile polypropylene area rugs.


The only disadvantage could be that it looks to acquire dust too rapidly. Cleaning it on a regular basis will be a nightmare. If you do not mind the cost of replacement, polyester carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas like your dining room, stairway, or hallway.


Jute is also a good option for people with allergies. The epidermis of the plant stem is the cheapest source of vegetable fiber. It has low thermal conductivity, excellent acoustic insulation, and no skin responses. Their big, knit heaps give bare feet a massage-like feeling.

Excellent for:

Jute rugs are ideal for use in living rooms, kitchens, computer rooms, playrooms, and practically everywhere else in the home where a moist, robust texture, renewable manufacture, cheap cost, and medium durability are desired.

Not recommended for:

The main disadvantage is that they must be kept from moist circumstances, or they will quickly decay.


Sisal is another low-cost choice with a strong feel, ecological production, and good durability. It is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. This material possesses water-retention qualities and is one of the strongest fibers in the rug material continuum created from the plant. It possesses anti-static characteristics, making it simpler to keep dust at bay. It also has a textured appearance and soundproof properties, making it extremely popular among designers.

Excellent for:

Except in kitchens and bathrooms, sisal is the most popular interior flooring.

Not Recommended for:

If you desire a comfy material, sisal’s sole drawback is that it is not particularly luxury looking.


All of these rug styles essentially allow you to select the finest option based on your personal tastes. And the whole amount of your budget. Before you go out to get Persian antique rugs Northern VA make sure you conduct the necessary market research.

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