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The hip replacement surgery  must be carried out when you are experiencing the painful symptom on your hip joint and the pain could no longer be controlled through any type of medical treatment. Its totally depend on the severity of the damage; your doctor will suggest a total hip replacement or partial replacement.

The hip replacement surgery is as same as knee replacement surgery. In this surgery, the damaged part of the hip can be replaced with artificial implants. This surgery can be done when patient cannot tolerate the pain of hip joint or other area of the hip. Most of the time, only a part of the hip are replaced, the total hip replacement is one of the major procedure. So this is the big decision that needs to be taken very carefully.

Deciding Whether Hip Replacement Surgery Is Right for You

If you are suffering from hip pain, first you should discuss your problem thoroughly with your family physician that which type of surgery is better for you. If your doctor feels that hip replacement surgery will be better for you then you will be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. The decision to go ahead with the surgery procedure is totally depend on your level of pain, immobility, your health etc. Here are some cases when you will be suggested for the surgery:

  • Stiffness on your hip that limits the ability to move your leg and hip portion.
  • The pain on your hip joint that limits your daily activities like bending, walking
  • Hip pain also persists even also during the rest
  • The treatment like medication, physical therapy cannot deliver adequate relief
  • Any anti-inflammatory drug or glucosamine sulphate is become insufficient to reduce the pain.

The Hip Replacement Procedure

Any type of hip replacement surgery procedure or disc replacement surgery procedure generally takes few hours to be completed. You have to admit hospital on the day of the surgery. Then surgeon will choose what type of prosthesis can be best for your needs. In this procedure, your orthopedic surgeon mclean will remove the damaged hip bone and cartilage and replace it with plastic, metal, ceramic joint surface which will restore the function of your hip. The artificial bone joint includes two basic components like a ball which is made with strong metal and socket that made with either plastic or metal. The Special surgical cement might be used to fill the gap between artificial joint and natural bone.

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