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What should you expect from your first keratin treatment? This is a question that many women ask who are getting keratin treatment for the very first time. For most women who have never experienced keratin treatment by hairstylist, it would be a life-changing experience.

Of course, it would be life-changing if one moment you have dry and frizzy hair, and after a few hours, your hairs are shiny and silky. Most women who get keratin treatment often wonder what was holding them back for so long.

In this article, we put together everything that you should expect from your first keratin treatment. That is because we believe that it is very important to have realistic expectations.

What should you expect?

Nowadays, not all keratin treatment products contain formaldehyde. There was a time when a lot of controversies surrounded formaldehyde and its usage. However, today, most well-reputed salons have let go of formaldehyde products.

Instead, you can easily find formaldehyde-free products that include glyoxylic acid, silk proteins, and keratin. This helps in styling the hair in any shape that one wants. So, skilled hairstylists can also turn straight hair into curly using keratin treatment if they apply the right technique.

It takes some time

Keratin treatment is not a 10-minute procedure. So, when you are visiting the salon, make sure that you have set aside a few hours. The process starts off with rough and dry hair. First, shampoo is applied to the hair and the hairstylist will let the hair dry up to 80 percent. Then, the treatment is applied in small sections followed by blow-drying. After that, the product is rinsed out of hair in around 5 to 10 tries.

Once that part is done, the hairstylist applies the keratin sealing product and irons it into the hair. At this point, the process is complete. However, this can take anywhere from an hour to several hours depending on the starting length of your hair.

It can get boring

The process of getting keratin treatment can be boring since it is so long. So, make sure that you have some entertainment source with you. This could be your fully charged phone or a magazine that you can read while the hairstylist does his/her magic.

You must avoid a head shower for 48 hours

Once you walk out of the salon, you must avoid a head shower for 48 hours. You can still wash your body, but you must wait before washing your head and let the product completely get sealed in your hair. After 48 hours, you can wash normally using special shampoos that are free from sulfates and help your keratin results last longer.

Expect a weird smell

Keratin treatment comes with a musty smell that is strange. However, it is not too pungent. Though, you will notice that you do not smell particularly good. However, by the final blowout, the smell will go away. It is hardly noticeable anywhere from 3 to 4 hours after the treatment.

Expect some flaking

You can expect some white flakes falling on your shoulder midway. However, do not freak out. This is completely normal, and it is not dandruff. Instead, it would be the excess product residue that is present in your hair. After the hairstylist washes your hair, it will go away.


We hope that you now have realistic expectations from keratin treatment. Just remember that it requires patience and of course, money. The price depends on the type of salon that you choose.

Most good salons will be expensive. So, do get a quote from the hair straightening salon Potomac before getting your treatment started. This way, you can avoid unwanted surprises.

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